Kirby Super Star Ultra CD - 29 - Airship Kabula01:43

Kirby Super Star Ultra CD - 29 - Airship Kabula

Zendya is a very poor girl who loves lollypops. She is sometimes teeaed and called POOREY but her best friend is T so only the Mwa Mwa penguins make fun of her.

History: She is really poor and was able to join the Spt when Zendya was gonna be hyporised by hypo but didnt due to her mom was a daughter of god and god cant be hyporised and Zendya secretly has godlike powers but her mom never tells her. Only Zendya knows her mom's name which is Lilyzna.

Secrets: Only one secret is known about her which is that her older brother is somehow the evil hypo due to when her mom was with god they gave birth to hypo who became evil.

the music that is shown is from kirby super star ultra and is Zendya's theme.

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