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Vital statistics
Title Darktan Warrior
Gender Male
Race Penguins
Faction Mwa Mwa Penguins and Darktan's Army
Health Terrible
Level High sadly
Status Evil
Location Pet Shop and Darktonian Realm
Occupation To stop attackers from attacking
Interests Swords
Friends Darktan's Army
Enemies Flywish, Flywish's Army, Xorai, Nightmare
Archetype Evil

Zaplock is a in Darktan's Army. He is very evil.


When Zaplock was born, he started doing lot's of evil. He later joined DTA. When he became a teenager, he did stuff that made him evil. He quickly attacked and destroyed Raven's home and then Raven went to live with Flywish. Zaplock quickly started hating Flywish and attempting to attack him but Raven scared him away everytime. He is scared of Raven because of his face paint and he knows that Raven will get him for what he did. He also has hurt other's feelings. He has hurt many powerful penguins. Most of them have gotten their revenge. But others like Raven are gonna wait at the first chance they get.


  • Raven
  • Snow
  • Chocolate -allergic
  • Oranges
  • Electric Blue Puffles


  • He is very strong
  • He can dissapear and reappear quickly
  • He can fly
  • He can picture stuff that happens to villains and it comes true



  • Flowers
  • The Dark
  • Monsters
  • Evil
  • Piano music


He can do lot's stuff. He once tried to impress his crush Mah Boi but it backfired when Manny Peng threw a rock at him. He also loves being around WishFlyX and Jenni.


  • Flywish hates him
  • He got beaten up by Someone as strong as him.
  • He is very vulnerable to lava.
    • Flywish's Comment: Go ahead Xorai and torture him.
  • Gruff once shoved chocolate in his face. He had to take a hot bath when he reached the Darktonian Realm.
  • He is scared of Raven.
  • His staff holds all of his powers and can mind control crabs easily.


  • "I will destroy Flywish! He will die!"
  • "*gulp* AHHH RAVEN!!!!"
  • "I did nothing ya dumb Raven (Raven Tortures)"

Raven: GRRRRRR!!!

Zaplock: OH NO

Raven: I'll show you why it's not ok to attack me!! *tortures*

Zaplock: AHHH (Runs)

Raven: There goes part of my revenge!!!

Zaplock: Please dont hurt me

Xinston: *kicks* HA!

Zaplock: SORRY

Flywish: That's better

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