Yarr image.png
Yarr the Puffle looking out of his personal telescope given to him by Rockhopper.
BornApril 2, 2005
Rockhopper Island
Other namesYarrr Arrr, Yarry
Height1ft. 7
Known forBeing the trusty sidekick and puffle of Rockhopper.

Yarr is Rockhopper's pet adventurous (like the rest) red puffle. Yarr lived on Rockhopper Island for along time until he was carried of abroad and on sea. Yarr is a very adventurous puffle and loves to follow Rockhopper through many of his treasure hunts and explorations. He always has his trusty telescope with him to warn Rockhopper of any dangers or approaches. Yarr is a lot braver than most other red puffles, and has also set a record as "Highest Cannon Shot" - he doesn't play with bowling pins.


Yarr was born of Rockhopper Island one bright sunny tropical day. He lived on Rockhopper island along with all his red puffle brothers and sisters for many years exploring and treasure hunting all though most of his brothers and sisters werent as adventurous as him and after following him for a while would turn back scared. One day, Yarr got washed into was on a plank of wood playing the waters most likely looking for big fish. His plank got sucked into a crosswave suddenly, and was floated out to sea in a huge storm. Two days past, and Yarr was very hungry and thirsty and became unconscious. Rockhopper seeing this poor puffle threw out a rope and pulled Yarr onto his ship. The two hit it off do to their love for adventure, and Yarr decided to live with Rockhopper.


Yarr is in charge of being Rockhopper's assistant when travelling through the seas. He also a helped at the "Save the Migrator" project.


  • Yarr is named by Rockhopper due to his favourite word: YARR!
  • Yarr likes to basketball, though he dosen't do it except once.
  • Yarr has not been hugged by Winston before.
  • Yarr has watched State of Skippy903 matches, especially the Tournament.
  • Yarr's favourite food is Puffle-Os and Cookies.
  • Sprocket is probably Yarr's brother.

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