YOWSER (acronym for You Owe Wealth in Stock Exponentially, Repay!) is the stock market in Antarctica and Free Republics. The stock exchange was founded by some penguins in 2006. They currently hold abount 100 entries and 6365125 coins are in the market. Letter codes are often in 4 letters, but this no limit, as that king of limit is for practical reasons.

The market is currently falling, creatures are selling in knowledge that "stock sharks" will come!

Other markets include FIEc.


  • Doohickey Industries: (LOL) 13 Million ҈
  • Ironical Corp.: (IRNC) 15.10 Million ҈
  • Peach, Inc.: (PCHC) 47 Million ҈
  • YumYum: (YMYM) 89 Million V
    • EFF: (EFF) 10000 coins
  • Hydra Industries: (HYDR) 500,000 ҈
  • Penghis Khan's Imperial PWNage stuffed toys: (PKS) 9,999.50 ҈, 500 Khan
  • Redlink Abbey's Telecommunications Network (RLINK) 1.7 Million Si; 17 Million Coins

Notable holders

  • Iron Walrus hold a mere 9% of his company's stock, The Kernel holds 1% (due to YumYum).
  • A secret, annonymous trader (or group of traders) holds 31% of Puff Flags' stock, but no one knows who (or what) the shareholder is.
  • Melvin Turtleheimer holds 51% of all Melvin's Big Flat Law Firm stock, to ensure lifetime ownership.
  • Strangely, Mayor McFlapp holds 7% of stock in IConnect and 25% of stock in the Redlink network.

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