Xaffron Xtar Kirby123 DaviX
Wow, the most awesome hero gets a good antibody...
BornSometime in 2012
Star Kirby12's igloo
Other namesXtar
EducationAutomatically good
Notable worksX-Virus Cure
Known forbeing Star Kirby12's antibody, and surprisingly being a good guy
RelativesStar Kirby12

Xaffron Xtar Kirby123 DaviX is Star Kirby12's good X-Antibody.


Star Kirby12 was taking Snow Dude out for a walk when a Doom Knight ambushed him. Star defeated it, but he got hit several times.

The very next day, Star began coughing, and he went to the nearest doctor he could and got a quick injection of Ditto. The doctor told him that the mullet the Doom Knight was holding had X-Virus in it.

Soon, he coughed up the X-Creature.


"Uh, hello to you too- wait, WHAT?!"

The creature began to form- a red penguin with a black viking helmet, a blue jetpack, a magnifying glass and roller skates.

"I'm your X-Antibody."

"And why don't you speak X-talk, and why are you not evil?"

"Ah, well, it was some sort of a coincidence. Ask your spirit friends."

The Spirits of Light looked for about five seconds.

"No matter," the body said. "Do you know where I can get a good job?"

"Try the EPF, or perhaps The Defenders."

"Thanks. Bye!"

The antibody flew out the window.

"That was weird."


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