Xlystar, the X-Antibody of Flystar.
Vital statistics
Title Xlystar
Gender Male
Race Megadyptes waitaha x (X-Waitaha Penguin)
Faction King of X-Land of Flystar
Health Xcellent
Level 150
Status Supervillain
Location In hiding at the Land of Flystar55555

Xlystar (pronounced ZLY-star) is an X-Antibody that is bent to rule the universe, but so far, has not succeeded due to Flystar and his friends. Unlike most X-Antibodies, Xlystar actually LOOKS like Flystar, except he has a small X on his forehead.


One day, Flystar was having dinner with his buddies. One of them must have had the X-Virus, because it flew into Flystar. Then Flystar started coughing and sneezing purplish-black goo. And that goo formed into a body that looked similar to Flystar. "Mwuhahahahaha! I am Xlystar, the new ruler of the universe!" it said. Then it flew off to try to bend the universe in his ways.


Unlike most X-Antibodies, Xlystar is not stronger nor more powerful nor more intelligent than Flystar, but is a few inches taller. But like most X-Antibodies, Xlystar has new powers, such as spraying goo to trap his enemies, and hypnotize to use his enemies temporarily.


  • If he aged, he would be 13 years old.
  • Not even Flystar knows that Xlystar keeps penguins (and other creatures) held captive to "feed" them the X-Virus.
  • By far, Xlystar is one of the evilest (and most intelligent) of the X-Antibodies.
  • Even Xlystar has done something good once. When FredX was torturing the young penguins into an unsolvable problem, Xlystar solved it for them.
  • He is in Nightmare's Army

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