Flywish Imposter
Vital statistics
Title The imposter of Flywish
Gender Male
Race Penguins
Faction Darktan's Army
Health Good
Level High
Status With Darktan
Location Darktonian Realm

Not to be confused with WishFlyX

Wishfly is an imposter penguin of Flywish and is very evil


Wishfly was born on a dark stormy night about the same time Flywish adopted Chuck von Injoface. At a young age he turned evil. He often claimed that Flywish was his "hero". Then he found out that Flywish was fighting Darktan and he decided to turn against Flywish and attempt to become the new Flywish. He then trained to get as powerful as Flywish. But he ended up only half as powerful as Flywish. He then became just as powerful as Flywish but still lost. He also developed a crush on Willie Watt.


He is not an X-Antibody. He is best friends with Xary. He often steals some of Xorai's stuff. He often plays with Jenni also. He loves being in Darktan's Army. He also hangs out WishFlyX a lot.

Darktan's Army

He joined Darktan's Army as a Chick. He often trained in the Darktonian Realm everyday. He always did crime and he also punched puffles in their faces.


  • Flywish is after him
  • He is good friends with most of DTA.
  • Sonic Xtreme X is friends with him but they sometimes get into fights over Willie Watt.
  • He doesn't care if Xary is stealing his crush away

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