Western Penguiki
Colony of Western Penguiki.
1996 – 2000 Blank

West peng
National flag.

All for the colony, the colony for all.
Sunshine Reggae
Square islands map
Map of the colony. Same as current.
Capital N/A / Happen Town
Language(s) English
Government Dependent to the DWR
King of Western Penguiki colony.
 - 1996-2000 Lanaka87
Historical era First years.

[[Category:Short-lived states|Square Islands, 1996]]

 - Colonisation 1996
 - New capital - Happen Town. 1999
 - Status change. 2000
Currency Mains (#)
Today part of Territory of Square Islands.
Western Penguiki was a colony owned by the DWR. It was colonised in 1996, and it was directly dependent to Lanaka87 - the mystery former ruler of the colony. It became a territory in 2000, which meant the end of the colony. The Western Penguiki colony was poor, and its' only purpose was fresh fish. Needs for a great fishing place was the cause for building Happen Town. It was the capital of the colony since 1999. The colony couldn't have a representative, and penguins, which lived there usually weren't smart, their only knowledge based on catching fish. The only independent matter about Western Penguiki was the currency. Mains was very unstable, and barely used between such a poor population. And just a half of them could count, so that was pointless. This caused the end of Western Penguiki, and forming Square Islands Territory, which had bigger rights, and could be independent in some matters.

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