Weirdal6 (9 November 2005- 20 December 2008) is the brother of Snakesy1, the great explorer. Both of them are explorers, but he has never gotten credit.



I did bully Snakesy. He was a punk back then. He still is all important and I am not. It ticks me off.
All of these quotes come from the gathering of info.
Snake got everything. He always was the special one. I was always the unintelligent, stupid child. Oh well. He's a ninja over in that wreck, Tiger Island, and I am here.

Teenage years

Ahh. The good days. Fun times. I started to get a little big then, but I got into stuff. I became a master at that Ice game. I can't even remember its name now. But those were the times. I mean, playing games, donating cash, whats better?

Adventure times

Those sucked. I hated the trips, but I was always the one wanting to go. I am so stupid! Gosh, I hate it! Tiger Island was a stupid place, and I was a fuzzball ninja. Bah, HUMGBUG!


Weirdal6 passed away December 20, 2008. He died of a rare strand of a contagious disease caused by the Fat he had. His death was a sad thing.


Its sad. It really is.

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