The War of 2002 (Song), written by a Archetian/Freezelandian soldier, about how the USA was PWNed in the War of 2002. The name of the soldiier is now disclosed, because he had been banned in every state except for Weddell and the Free Republics. This song is illegal to play in the USA, especially in South Pole City. It is not illegal in Freezeland, however, because it is a patriotic song and symbol of independance and cultural differences between the USA. The "brown house" is a slang term for the South Pole Council hall, and as we all know, Billybob is just a figurehead. In most versions, the demonym is "Archetian", but in some versions, it is Freezelandian. Though South Pole City was burned down, no one was hurt. Just their stuff. The song is not meant to be serious, it was wrote as a joke.


Come back proud Freezelandians,
To before you had TV.
No hockey night in Freezeland,
there was no FTE.

In 2002 Billybob was mad,
He was the president you know.
Well he thought he'd tell the Archetians where they ought to go.
He thought he'd invade Archet,
He thought that he was tough.
Instead we went to South Pole town,
And burned down all their stuff!

And the brown house burned, burned, burned.
And we're the ones that did it,
It burned, burned, burned.
While the president ran and cried,
It burned, burned, burned.
And things were very historical,
And the Antarcticans ran and cried like a bunch of little mwa mwas, WaWaWa!
In the war of 2002!

Those mountain penguins from Trans-Antarctica,
Dressed in green and red.
Left home to fight in Archet,
But they only returned when the fled.
It's the only war they lost except for the Khanzem.
And also the revolution, and the mhacan rebellion
The loser was Antarctica,
The winner was ourselves.
So join right in and gloat about the war of 2002!


In 2002 we were just sitting around,
Minding our own business,
Putting crops into the ground.
We heard the soldiers coming,
And we didn't like that sound.
So we took a boat to SPC and burned it to the ground!

Oh we threw our snow but the soldiers kept a comin',
There wasn't quite as many as there was a while ago.
We fired once more and then they started runnin',
Down the Jadis river down to SPC.
Oh, They ran through the snow,
And they ran through the forest,
They ran through the bushes where the puffles wouldn't go,
They ran so fast they forgot to take they're culture,
Back to the USA, and the sea and SPC.

So if you go to SPC,
It's buildings clean and nice,
Bring a pack of matches,
And we'll burn the burn the brown house twice!!


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