What is that

WHAT IS THAT?!? Title Screen

WHAT IS THAT? is the sequel to the WHAT?!? spinoff, WHAT IS THIS?. More items appear, which include Triskelle and Darktan.


The title screen is the same as WHAT IS THIS?, however, it is on a lime green colour, and just before it drags to the title screen, Cadence appears pointing to the title, unlike the former version.

Just like before, the penguin points to the right. However, there are no repeats of items, and only drags on for 1 hour instead of two.


This time, more chicks are watching it and have stayed longer than 10 minutes. It is voted Youtube Poop and Partially Boring. Among the WHAT?!? family of clones, it is rated the 2nd or 3rd best by many movie critics.

LeeKuanYew Movies rated it a 7 upon 10, the highest rating for a WHAT?!? spin-off or sequel. New Town Movies gave WHAT?!? a 3, and other clones a 2 or 4. The HUH? Documentary was voted a 6, however, this movie was rated a 7, the highest. However, what brings it down is the fact that Evertale movies rated it 5, whereas four other WHAT?!? clones was rated 6 or 7. Therefore, it is only in second place.

Warmslates Edition

The Warmslates requested their own edition of the WHAT IS THAT?!? movie. It only features Warmslates-releated items.


The title screen of the Warmslates edition is changed to the Warmslates' colour, Yelllow.



  • A crazy bunny from Hailvale appears, the first of it's kind to be referenced in popular culture.
  • The penguin this time is Diana112.

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