WHAT?!?'s Quest
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Vital statistics
Level 1
Location Bobtropica
Rewards See Below.
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Superpenguin's Quest Bobby Needs Help!

WHAT?!?'s Quest is a quest located in the heart of quest island Bobtropica. Released in 1996, this features WHAT?!?.


WHAT?!? producers need your help with the production. Go and help them NOW!


  1. Enter the WHAT?!? (actually 56 Bobtropica South Road-Quest 2 House) Production House.
  2. Talk to the producers. On the 5th item, do not say "Sure! I do!" as he will say "OH NOES! YOU SAID I DO IN A VERY LOW VOICE LIKE AHH HNO YOU SAID NOEESSS NO (vibrationing, then some static electricity and lastly shocking). Say "O.K. Sir!"
  3. Go to the set and say WHAT onto the microphone.
  4. Then, disable a plug.
  5. Lastly, you get rewards already.


The WHAT?!? could now go into production! And the plug you unpluged caused the producer to "stop working". He should be a robot... Maybe not!

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