W00t is a barely known dialect branch of the Old Clubpenguinian language, the native language of the Warmslates Free Republic. Some expressions from this language are still being used in the slang language in Warmslates. The language was noted as being used in what is now known as Freezeland in the late 1900s, then moved to the Warmslates. Currently, this language is used only in Warmslates. It is not to be confused with l33t; it is a nearly extinct dialect.


The dialect probably seperated from the Clubpenguinian language in the late 1900's. The language was popular only until the 21st century, when English and l33t became widespread. When the first immigrants arrived at the Warmslate islands, the dialect was revived for a short time, and most of the community started speaking it. Then, the w00t language changed to a slang language, and was mixed with Free Republic English, which is used in the Warmslate islands today.


Here are some expressions in the w00t language, translated to English.

Hallo! - Hello!
Bene Ado! - Good-Bye!
Gráttas - Thank-you
Watte time? - What's the time?
Soce! - Help!
Peddóne? - Excuse me?
Cadnas costas? - How many does it cost?

And some words:

cramolado - ice cream
chare - chair
masá - table
rompara - clothes
treá - tree
armáarido - wardrobe
cama - bed
odroa - computer
watara - water

Some of the words are the same as words in modern English:

egg (w00t pronounciation is "ehe")

and a few others.

Preceded by
Old Clubpenguinian
The Position of
Warmslates Language,

as held by W00t (dialect)


Succeeded by
Warmslate Language.

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