The Your Page Title Here Illumination and Phonomena-Affection and Spreading Stage, or classified as The Virus Robot Dance is the symptoms of the affecting stage in Your Page Title Here Virus. It is known to be copied and faked for pranks.


The movements of the dance is quite simple. There are three types: Basic, Medium and Advanced Dancing Ways. But they all link to the same dance but suit the affected person's abilities and perosonality.

  • Basic Type

The most basic type of movement would usually be done by the young and old creatures. They do what a robot would do, and say the sentence "Your Page Title Here". They would later walk out of the area and not glare. They spread unknowingly.

  • Medium Type

For the teenage and young adult age, and the 20s to 30s generation would experaince a more suiting type. Nobody knows why they need them to not do basic, so it's not "suiting" in a good way but a very bad one. Anyway, they would do the complete natrual robot dance and scream the sentence instead of saying. The fit would also experiance. They would do this again in the third stage of the Main Stages and would usually be more frightening. Like the I Love You Flu, their eyes would turn blue, and roll back into their heads at that stage! However, they would usually won't past away as this is just a small occurance to make the act more "satisfying to them".

  • Advanced Type

For the middle-aged creatures, this is what their worst nightmare would be. They would start running, screaming at the top of their voices and do crazy acts, which if done in the bar where first affected it would collapse the tables entirely!

In Popular Culture and Trivia

  • A documentary was created of this.
  • In the show Mahjhong Table, Bert dances this in front of the whole table. It collapsed after estimated 5 seconds.
  • 24Keyser does condemn the act as "despicable", and so among others.

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