Vincent McPengy
Vincent McPengy
Vital statistics
Title Sgt. Vincent McPengy
Gender Male
Race Khanz Penguin
Faction Flywish's Army
Location -
Occupation Commando

Vincent McPengy is an Eastern Khanz Penguin happily serving Flywish. He enjoys being a commando in Flywish's Army. He holds a Snowball Pistol that he uses when fighting for Flywish.


Vincent McPengy was born in East Pengolia. His parents were very strict and his father fought in Colonial Antarctica. This gave him the dream of becoming a commando. He asked his father how to be a commando. His father told him he was gonna be his coach if he was really going to be a commando. He woke up every morning training nonstop. As he grew, he found more armies to fight for. When he was grown up, he chose to fight in Flywish's Army. So he trained with weapons and excercised so hard that he almost passed out. After finally being ready, he prepared to join Flywish's Army

Flywish's Army

He joined Flywish's Army in mid-2010. Flywish thought he was a great fighter so he gave him Elite Cronie. He gave Vincent high pay, and treated him like royalty, just like all of his other elites. Vincent did like the rotting but liked fighting even more. He begged Flywish to be in every war that they got. Flywish said yes. Arctic Wolves VS Flywish's Army happened and Vincent ran in there like a very crazy commando. He did a lot of fighting and enjoyed it very much.


He is a huge fan of action movies. He also enjoys being a commando in Flywish's Army. He claims he dedicated his life to being a commando. He loves war very much and often tells his father about his experiences with Flywish's Army daily.


He is a very dedicated commando and warrior. He is good friends with Sheepman, Private Eastshield, and other commandos. He has a lot of camouflage shirts. This has made penguins suspicious. He doesn't mind it and continues to wear army jackets.


  • He once stopped a fight in a store.
  • He gets along with Flywish very well.

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