V2V (previously Verun Island), or Verun 2 Verun informally, is a small, holiday-destination island that is one of the oldest established islands in Antarctica, dating back to the Late High Penguin Confederency. The island, formerly part of Sherby Hoodwounds and the Late High Penguin Confederency, is currently part of Sub-Antarctica. V2V Island is one degree higher than other islands, thus, penguins who want to get into the sun for a while would usually head down here.


It was established in 1892 as the third of fourth island on the seas. Later, it recieved major upgrades in 1999, and since it became a nice, beautiful and mordern port.


The island is located around the Antarctic Peninsula and Trans-Antarctica. It is shaped like a normal island, and is quite wide. It is unknown why there is not much snow during both seasons.


Places which already existed before the makeover

Before the makeover, there were some buildings built, but run-down till time.

  • V2V Hotel, which was formerly known as Verun Hotel, serves as the main hotel in the whole island.
  • V2V Beach, which was formerly known as Verun Beach, serves as the beautiful beach in the whole island.
  • V2V Forest, which is the forest of the whole area.
  • V2V Park stands outside the forest.
  • V2V Restaurant, a famous western restaurant located in the hotel.
  • V2V Port, a port which lies in the area itself.
  • Verun 2 Veronica Statueitas Heritage, a heritage centre dedicating to the Verun Island. The building was there before the makeover, but not the heritage content.

Places which existed after the makeover

New places had been added after the makeover.

  • V2V Amusments, a mini-amusement park for children.
  • V2V Casino, a casino for the adults there.
  • V2V Regional Airport, a small airport served seasonally by some airlines.
  • Verun 2 Veronica Statueitas Heritage, a heritage centre dedicating to the Verun Island. It became a heritage museum after the makeover.

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