V2V Hotel
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Vital statistics
Type Accodomation
Level All
Location V2V
Inhabitants Tourists, employees and much, much more.

V2V Hotel, or formerly Verun Hotel, is the only hotel in V2V, the longest living in both the Sub-Antarctic and Antarctica. The hotel has been well known for it's


In the 1960s, during the Olde Antarctica era, Verun Island (now V2V) had increased in popularity among Adelie Penguins, due to it's unusual weather and unusual sand beach. As there were only a small inn, known as Verun Inn, a group of penguins decided to convert it into a hotel, by asking to join the owner. The owner happily agreed and they converted it into a three-star hotel successfully, with a budget of estimated 5,000,000 coins.

The hotel only started with the twenty rooms, but can't support a total of three hundred tourists! Therefore, with the help of the leader of the island, they built an extension hotel with five floors with twenty rooms on the building. In total, it became at least 120 rooms, which should be enough. For more support, they also made their own restauarnt, being staked by the two supporting restaurants.

In 1980s, the first financial crisis occured. As there was some sort-of-problem, not many tourists were entering the island, probably because of the island being too boring with it's just facilities. It so featured a small casino, which later became the official V2V Casino. It resolved the crisis and buissness became booming again.

As the casino became seperate and a minature amusment park was built, they decided that the hotel should feature better. They introduced a new type of room, besides the standard there was the primere. For details see below. And proceeding into the new millenium, they did some style makeover with the three middle stories of the building. A special suite was on the top, converted from the standard premier room. It is currently one of the top hotels in the Sub-Antarctic.

Facilities and Exterior

There are the two buildings. The first one contains the normal twenty-standard rooms and a public western restaurant at the lobby. It is only one storey. It was at first coloured in green, but later recoloured as a luxious, unusual flower pattern. A pool table could be found abandoned in the lobby, and it is in a very bad state.

The second building has a lobby and restaurant, which is known as LidVid Restaurant. It has a total of four levels: the basement, lobby, second and third floors. There are 20 deluxe and suite rooms in the basement, accessible via a secret path of stairs. The second floor holds Standard and Superior rooms, and the third floor contains a few extra suite rooms. The rooftop lies a mouldy swimming pool and a non wel-kept bar. It's exterior is also in the same pattern, but a different colour tone.

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