V2V Casino, also known as the Verun 2 Veronica Casino and Amizo Caisno, is the only casino in the Sub-Antarctic Islands, located at V2V Island and operated by Amizo Enterprises. V2V Caisno was built in the late 20th century to attract more people to visit V2V Island. V2V Casino is one of two casinos in the USA, the other being Bugzy's Casino, an actual casino.

V2V Casino is owned by the regional V2V Island government, and operated by Amizo Enterprises, which earns 75% of its profits from the casino. Although formerly not an actual casino, it introduced gambling in the 1980s officially, and became the only actual casino then onwards until Bugzy's Caisno's opening.


For a period of time, the number of visitors in V2V Island slashed almost by 90%, causing great looses for the regional government. Hoping to seek more sales and rekindle interest within the consumers, the government decided to build V2V Casino, an amusement area, although marketed as a casino, an amusement arcade that has several card games too.

V2V Island started building the then-named Verun Casino. It obtained its casino license midway through construction. V2V Island then had to find a suitable operator for the casino. There were seventeen bids, the highest being Amizo Enterprises. Having a good reputation, V2V awarded the license to Amizo in 1973.

In 1975, the V2V Casino officially opened to the public under the name 'Verun Casino'. Being the only casino in the USA then, many flocked to Verun Island just to 'gamble', even though there was no gambling in the mock casino. V2V Island only introduced gambling and card slots in the early 1980s, when visitors were at a peak height.

The 1980s was no winding path for the stable casino, which already employed a whooping 1000 employees, and several other attractions to bundle with it. The casino then had slot machines, shooting slot machines, Go Fish! card tables, chess and checkers tables, various forms of poker, Blackjack, baccarat, roulette, Simon Says and charades. Arcade machines were brought in soon after, along with weirder games, such as board games, war games, paintball, betting on shoes and even the most innocent and unexpected form of gambling - reading.

It was only until 1989 did problems pop up. The facilities were aging quickly and customers were heading to other areas for entertainment. V2V Casino had no choice but to allow free entrance into the casino. The casino was also accused of rigging, although this is false as both the gamblers and the casino earn money and that the PSA did not find anything. Especially in secrecy.


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