• Draph91

    decided to quit

    March 17, 2010 by Draph91

    I'm going to quit club penguin, the fanon wiki and the wiki why? because I'm sick and tired of members getting good things while us non members don't and card jitsu fire was the last straw but I will stay until Herbert is captured after that it's goodbye and because i'm quitting CP there is no point for me to remain on the fanon wiki and the wiki

    1 more thing: i'm not trying to bash Club penguin or Disney, i'm not trying to cause any drama AND i was only explaining why i'm quitting.

    update: i don't think herbert is going to be caught any time soon so i'm quitting... never to return

    update 2: after reading your comments and thinking about it i've decided not to quit the wiki and fanon wiki as for Club pengui (...)


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