In Weddell, there are several unclaimed islands which lie off the coast of Weddell's main border. These islands were formerly part of a larger country, but when something happened, these islands somehow became independent and are currently debated whose territory it belongs to.

Unofficial Claimed Islands

Island About Island Current "Holder" Other Potential Date of Vote
Cheeseland Islandic Posistions (CIP) Tropical, islands which bears fruits alongside Fruit Island, popular tourist destination. USA MAI, Clearwater Island, Warmslates 7 August 2009
Tropical Snowy Islands (TSI) "Tropical" Snowy Islands, said to have "snowy beaches suitable for penguins" Eastshield claims it under its name USA Nation, MAI
Flourida Islands A small archipelago of tropical islands, and lots of wheat plantations. Soon mills were built, and now it exports flour to the USA. Warmslates Warmslates annexated it without USA's permission.

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