Ultra Penguin Baseball
Ultra Penguin Baseball image
The Game Cover
Vital statistics
Type Sports Game
Effects Video Game
Source Snowtendo
Location E for Everyone
Cost to buy 901 Fish
Cost to sell 745 Fish

Ultra Penguin Baseball was the debut title for the Vii, published by Doohickey Industries. It features several USA citizens, each with their own wacky talent and unique bat.


This game received nearly universal praise from everyone: for its excellent graphics, realistic character depictions, multi-player functionality, and diversity of characters.


Character Bat Fielding Ability
Explorer 767 Shovel Fourth Wall (if the ball is in range, he takes out a pencil and erases the ball, then re-draws it so that it comes towards him)
Fred Mathematical Straightedge Calculator Cheat (Fred takes out a calculator and automatically shows the player where the ball will land)
Newman The 1994 Book Speed Dash
Penghis Khan The Imperial Mullet Servants (Penghis Khan orders a servant to catch the ball if he can't, but only if in range)
Professor Shroomsky Traditional Bat Speed Dash
Link (unlockble) Steel Bat Fire! (he throws fireballs at the ball, melting it and causing an out, but if in range)
Captain Str00del Industrial Waffle Iron None
Mabel Commemorative Plate Scream (does nothing but produce a funny sound when Mabel fails to catch the ball for humor's sake)
Penguin Micro The Category Box (replica) Speed Dash
Sanity Penguin Computer Keyboard Hack (he hacks the ball to come to him if in range)
Barkjon Thick drumstick Speed dash
Sensei Samurai Sword (non-sharpened) Speed Dash x2
Jerk Penguin (generic) Traditional Bat None
Auld Lang Syne Flagpole (the flag itself reads 2010) None
Rockhopper Traditional Bat (except gray and made of driftwood) None
Gary The Bat 3000 (like a normal bat, but grey with a blinking light on top) None
WitchyPenguin (unlockable) Broomstick Magic (she pulls the ball to her if in range)
Darktan (unlockable) None (he uses his mind) Speed Dash
Pen Chi (unlockable) His Flippers Speed Dash x2
Dorkugese Penguin (generic) Copper Rod (used for making wire) None
Mally Snowbourne Rangers Icicle, Standard Issue Speed Dash
The Snellville Elder Stick None
Snell-Libro Book due-date stamp Speed Dash x2
IBM Large Vacuum Tube None
Casey (puffle, unlockable) Traditional Bat (except larger) None
Clyde (puffle, unlockable) Anvil Vortex (he takes off his propeller hat and spins its rotor, causing a vortex which will pull the ball in, if in range)
Scooter Traditional Bat (puffle-sized) Speed Dash x3
Xavier (puffle, unlockable) Surfboard Cannonball (he shoots himself out of a cannon to where the ball will land, if in range)
Danny (puffle, unlockable) Concert Flute Bribe (he bribes the umpire to give whoever is at bat an extra strike; can only be used three times per game, though)
Manny Peng Lollipop Cries (says "I is only three" and cries; the ball, feeling pity, will then come towards him, if in range)
Sonicspine31 (unlockable) Fast Paddle Ball Speed Dash x2
Icmer In Nyc (unlockable) Giant Pencil Scribble (his pencil scribbles all over the screen lowering visibility)
Warper Lever switch Warping (he warps the ball to his hand)
Tails6000 Emerald Bat Hat Catch (He catches the ball with his hat when in range)
Speeddasher Bamboo Bat Ball Jitsu (He can use special Cards to help he catch the ball)
Happyface (unlockable) Darktan Happyface Catch (uses Happyfaces to catch the ball)
Flystar55555 None (he uses his fist) Fly (If the ball is a really high ball, he flies up to catch it easier and faster)
Jacob No4 (unlockable) Giant Hammer Magnet Ray (Jacob No4 uses a magnet to make the ball come in his range)
Kwiksilver (Downloadable) His Time Staff Sprocket (Sprocket runs around acts as an extra catcher, making it easier to catch)
Fake Tails A giant boomerang Speed Dash
Zany (Unlockable) The Claribat Loud Affect (Loud notes fly backwards from Z and affect the players with its loud noise)
The Leader (downloadable) Dark Sword Dark Mind (Causes a Auto Strike.)
ZapWire (downloadable) Giant Pad-Tablet Stylus Uninstaller (Forces players on bases to be off of them, like a home run, but with no points. 2 per game.)
Xapwire (downloadable) Calculator Recalculate (Removes a point for the opponent, once per game.)
Rick Astley (downloadable) Microphone Rickroll (stuns all enemy players)
The A-Kong(Downloadable) Magical Staff BAtter Shift/Base Warp (Batter Shift: If ball is going wide, player moves bases so the ball is coming straight for them. Base shift: dematerialises the player, providing the player is in third base, and gains two Home Runs. Unlimited Batter shifts, one Base Warp per game)
Walrus McManager (requires cheating device) Giant Walrus tusks Firewall (turns the stadium into a dome if it not already)
Fluffy Stale Disco Wig Password grabbing (Fluffy gets a phishing rod, grabs a penguin with it, and forces them to miss a catch)
Star Kirby12(unlockable) Mike Sword Crash Quake(uses Miki to cause a giant earthquake that will send the ball into his glove if in range.)
Richperson(unlockable) Book Staminical Dash(uses Dia to staminically figure where the ball is heading and dashes to that exact place.)
Rico(unlockable) Flamethrower Regurgitate Grappling Hook

Feel free to add more to the above table; the game is upgradable through downloadable extras.



  • South Pole City Stadium
  • Pengolia Stadium
  • GourdZoid Stadium
  • Olde Antarctica Stadium
  • Dojo Stadium
  • Pirate Ship Stadium


Add your opinions!
Xafinaba: I would love to see a sequel with some music. And I'm thinking to make my own video game for 3DS.


  • This game is a parody of the Mario Baseball game, released by Nintendo for the Wii.

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  • (see character list above)

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