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Vital statistics
Title King of the Sea, Lord of Waters
Gender Male
Race High Penguin
Faction Created the Water Amulet.
Status Unknown
Location The Sea

Not to be confused with the other Ulmos

Ulmos is an anchient High Penguin. He created the water Amulet. A lover of water, Ulmos was one of the chief architects of Arda, and the brother of Finwë.


Not much was known about his past. Ulmos had always distrusted the Shadow Keepers, and the Shadow Lords feared the Sea almost as much as they feard Light, because the sea cannot be tamed. Ulmos had permanent no dwelling in Antarctica, or any permanent dwelling on land as he preferred the deeps of the seas and the rivers. He is one of the oldest high penguins, and went into exile, like Finwë. He is Finwe's Brother.


  • He created the first swimming pools.
  • Ulmos does not need the water amulet to control water.

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