Twiguin image
Twiguins are good at making faces
Vital statistics
Title Funny!
Gender Can be both
Race Penguin
Faction Funny
Health Great
Level 100 on faces
Status Make faces
Location Anywhere

Twiguins are a race of Penguins who are really just normal penguins. They say that they're funny, wich is true becuse they make faces , and they tell jokes Some even claim that they're Vampenguins.


They were found when a penguin was mutated, he became a Twiguin then.


Twiguins usually live in pretend caves, and try and hunt any penguin that walks by. Sometimes they even hunt imaginary creatures, and they cause penguins to roll there eyes. Most normal Penguins enjoy telling them that they aren't whatever their trying to be, wich will get them furious. G is trying to work on a cure to make them normal penguins.

What they do

They make faces for an average of 3 hours a day.

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