Story-writer Production on this story has been temporarily halted because: TurtleShroom has stopped writing this.

The following is a log on the adventures of Professor Shroomsky and Turtleheimer, written in first person by one or the other.

90-150 (mainland) - Professor Shroomsky

As I navigated the dismay of barren land that is Trans-Antarctica, I happened to wonder into an area of which I had never before encountered. Roaming around the region, I had a wretched feeling I was being watched. Silently scooting my way around the area, I happened to find a rather delicious substance, my favorite food! Oh, the glorious delicacy that is rotten wood! Like any fungus, I decompose items that have gone to waste. Moving over to the glorious treat, I suddenly found myself upside-down! I was caught in a snare, tied around an old beam from a house! My graduation hat fell to the ground... that was annoying. I was curious on the creature who ensnared me, and alas, I really never wanted to figure it out. I began to feel frightened, but for a long time, nothing came. I started to feel drowsy, and soon dozed off. Upon awakening, I was looking face to face with a leopard seal. My, that was a frightening experience. Using its razor sharp fangs, the evil cetacin cut the snare and I fell to the ground. Returning my hat to my head, the seal started to speak. "Wait!" it said, in a similarity to a 1940s-mobster accent, "You're not a penguin! What in the name of Sanity1's glasses are you?" Rolling my eyes, I replied as calmly as I could.

"I, my friend, am a mushroom."

"You mean like the ones on those skillets at the fancy bucther shops? Oh, I love those! Hey Mikey! Got any skillets?"

I knew what was next... I was going to be sauteed and devoured. Awaiting my doom, I saw a skua flying in with a skillet in one talon and olive oil in another.

"Hey boss. You wanted this thing?" the Skua asked.

"Yes, let me have it!" the seal responded.

"What?" was the skua's response.

"LET ME HAVE IT!" the seal shouted.

I knew this from the television. This was my chance to escape!

"He wants to hit him with it!" I shouted.

"What? N-" the leapord seal didn't even finish his sentence. With a great clang, the seal fell on the cold ice like a rock. The skua was stunned, and it dropped the EVOO and flew off.

The slippery olive oil allowed me to escape my rope-based imprisonment, and I fled the place as fast as possible.

What a frightening escapade!

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