A typical Turbo-Bike on the ground.
Vital statistics
Type Electric-scooter-bike
Effects Enables transport in UnitedTerra
Source Electric
Location UnitedTerra
Cost to buy DAÚ: 250
Cost to sell DAÚ: 200

Turbo-Bike (see here for other names), is a new type of scooter & bike just released in the UnitedTerra. It is a combination of a scooter & a bike. Most of them can travel up to 100 TPR, but the increasing of the amount of speed is going up massively because of the new & latest scooter that are releasing. The final release date for the USA has not been confirmed yet. Most of them are currently in Neo Domino City stadiums.


Different Names

TerraBikes get called different names, and then get added to the list, to get more attention running to the bikes. Also to join in the names "scooter" & "bike", considering it's a combination of a bike & a scooter.

  • Turbo-Bike -- This is the official name for it.
  • TerraBike -- The land-name for it. This name is used for the Standard Bikes.
  • Turbo-Scooter -- The "scooter" name for the bike. The Advanced Bikes name.
  • TerraScooter -- The Standard name for simple bikes.



Release Dates



  • They have only released in the UnitedTerra so far.
  • The Advanced Turbo-Bikes are still in progression & testing in Neo Domino City.

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