Trickster X
Vital statistics
Title Xrickster456
Gender Male
Race X-Creatures
Faction WishFlyX's Army
Health Good
Level High
Status Fighting with Mandy or plotting with WishFlyX
Location WishFlyX's Base
Occupation Soldier of WishFlyX
Interests Lot's of stuff
Friends Pengui X, WishFlyX, Xfin, Jenni, Darktan, Maddieworld X, Mectrixctic, Sonic Xtreme X
Enemies Flywish, Skull, Gruff, Oble, Surray,, Trickster456, Robert O'vian, Pengui55, Mandy von Injoface
Archetype Villain

Trickster X is the X-Antibody of Trickster456. He is in WishFlyX's Army. He also plans to destroy Robert O'vian to make Trickster sad.


Trickster was bitten by WishFlyX. Trickster coughed out Trickster X and Trickster X went off to join WishFlyX's Army. WishFlyX gladly let him in. Pengui X came as well and he and Trickster X became best of friends. They both worked together. Trickster X also went to power training school. He became very powerful and WishFlyX decided to take over run down places. He took over some of where Flywish and Ben Hun fought. Trickster X also did stuff that WishFlyX did.


He is currently plotting to take over the Goody Two-Shoes army. He also is a member of Darktan's Army


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Trickster X
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