Vital statistics
Title Triskelle's X-Antibody
Gender Male
Race X-Virus
Faction Evil!!
Health -100%
Level -10%
Status Unknown
Location Unknown

TriXelle (Pronounced Tricks-el) is the X-Antibody of Triskelle. He is extremely evil, about as evil as FredX.


On June Holiday, which is traditionally recognised as the first day of winter in Freezeland, Triskelle invited the leaders of all the Free Republics of the USA for a banquet and party. One of them must of had the X-Virus and touched the food, or, it could have came from Frys Chalet, as they catered the event. Triskelle began choking on the rotisserie fish, and he thought it was a bone. His guards came, and began hitting him on the back to try to get it out. A black lump flew out his beak, and scurried across the table.

The blob rushed out of the palace, with The Bounders and The Shirrifs chasing after him. The guards closed the gates, but he still hadn't took form yet, so he squeezed through the cracks. He took his form a few moments after. He forged a spiky Snowman-esque black iron crown, and put plastic gems in it.

TriXelle then shifted to West Pengolia, where he was welcomed warmly. He bought an igloo made entirely outof iron, with no windows or doors. He was given the liscense to carry a fish by Penghis Khan, but he refused to weild it, because he hates fish. TriXelle vowed to destroy Triskelle and Freezeland, and make it into an "X-Kingdom", with him as Forever Emperer.


TriXelle is always after the throne of Freezeland, and wishes to become the forever emperor, as Darktan is of the Darktonian Realm. He is clever and smart, but as Triskelle says "He should know the difference between knowledge and wisdom before he can replace me". Trix is very greedy and mean, unlike the real Triskelle. He forged an illegal Artificial Amulet, called the "H20 amulet". It doesn't really work, and he doesnt use it, since he hates water. Instead, he is making hundreds of copies, and sending them to other X-Antibodies. Trix is currently recruiting an army, and has over two hundered X-Soldiers.


  • TriXelle hates water, fish, boats, and music.
  • TriXelle is about as evil as FredX.
  • Surprisingly, he hasn't received a spot on the PSA most wanted list.
  • He is a pyromaniac.

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