Time Gear
Simple-looking, right?
Vital statistics
Type Time
Effects The power to change time.....
Source Anywhere there's a rift in time
Location Unknown
Cost to buy Priceless
Cost to sell Why would you want to sell a pair of these babies?

A Time Gear is a device that can shift spacetime forwards or backwards in time. Basically, it can move in any direction through time. These gears are necessary components of time machines.


Time Gears are basic gray-colored gears with six teeth and six holes, each between two of the teeth. In addition, a seventh, larger hole is located in the center of the gear. Strange symbols are carved into the gear's face. No one knows what these symbols are for.

It's not clearly known how Time Gears work, but what is known is that spinning a Time Gear at extremely high speeds causes spacetime to literally be sucked through the central hole of the gear. The Department of Time thinks Time Gears work like this: Passing waves of Wutt Energy are sucked into the six holes on the sides of the Time Gear. The Wutt Energy flows through the gear and into the central hole, where it is pushed in a certain direction of time. Spacetime is forced to flow along with the Wutt Energy, causing the Time Gear to travel forwards or backwards in time.

In order to make time machines work, Time Gears must be coupled to two important components -- a Space Ripper and a Procrastinator. The Space Ripper rips and rearranges space to form a special bubble encasing the time machine. This allows the Time Gear's effects to affect only the time machine and nothing else. Without the Space Ripper, the Time Gear would simply disappear and leave the Time Machine behind. The Procrastinator is there to even out the flow of time and replace "missing" spacetime. Without the Procrastinator, spacetime could be seriously warped, causing potential accidents and errors in reality.


  • The only organization that has successfully obtained a Time Gear is the Bureau of Fiction, which is unsurprising, seeing as they control the universe.
  • Time Gears can shift large "amounts" of spacetime using less energy and relative time than their cousins the Procrastinators, but Time Gears are extremely crude and often leave behind large anomalies that need to be fixed. This is why they are often coupled to Procrastinators in temporal machinery.
  • In time machines, Time Gears are used to propel the machine through time.

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