This tale has been told! It's done!

Snakesy1 can't find his brother anywhere. Then he realizes that his brother went back to CP Island. Now, the sharks are coming for snakesy1.

Chapter1: Sharks (Special ones) EAT WHAT?!

"This is a serious problem. Our penguins have been disappearing randomly, and its from the sharks. THis is bad. Sharks eat us." Leopard said. All of the sudden, a shark jumped up over the water, and grabbed a penguin. Next thing the poor guy knew, he went under water, and then got tossed out, into the worst place of all: Shark waters. "See? Tiger, isn't this a problem? Tiger?" Leopard said. Tiger was gone. "They have Tiger!" said Snakesy1. "I am going to find him, and destroy the shark army once and for all." said Snakesy1.

Chapter2: Shark Waters

Snakesy1 got into his ninja wet suit and started to swim. Snakesy had always been a good swimmer, and was the penguin Michael Phelps. As he was swimming, he saw the fins, and the rocks that meant Shark Waters. He swam in. Suddenly, he was swept to the bottom of the ocean. Down there, he saw a section with no water in it. It was odd. He swam there, and fell into a hole. Everyone else was in that hole. Snakesy1 had to save them from the current, and the sharks. Tiger saw him, and gave him a signal to be quiet. The sharks were swimming around the hole. "So, you don't like it down there? Well, I wouldn't either. But, we have to have Thanksgiving too!" said a shark. "Good Night!" he called. Snakesy1 slowly started to signal them to get together. When they were all together, he tuned the invisible suit on. They all became invisible. They swam out of the hole, and got to the surface. When they got back to Tiger Island, they started to put an army together. After loading every penguin with a snowball launcher, and some Shark-Stopper 3000, they got to the peak of the island.

Chapter3: Fighting off the Sharks

"Ready, FIRE!" Screamed snakesy1. The sharks were trying to avoid the shots. They were rained upon by Shark-Stopper and super-powered snowballs. Sharks would get thrown miles away. Ninjas threw the snowballs with their hands. After a day of non-stop shark-to-penguin war, the battle was over. The Tiger Island penguins won the battle. But it was not with no losses. Several penguins were transformed into krill, and eaten by whales. Some were knocked out. And one of the best ninjas, Shorr, was crushed by a giant waffle that strangely fell out of the sky. "We have won, and we honor those who fought. Good night, people. We have a long day tomorrow." said Leopard. It was true, the island was partially destroyed. But they made it. The sharks were gone. For good.


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