The Very Cold War
Vital statistics
Participants UTPP,PSF,PRA,UAFC
Date November 2 2008-November 13 2008
Location Freezeland

On November 2,2008 A civil war broke out in Freezeland.Many penguins had different view about joining the USA.The war started when the UTPP and the USP allied and seiged the Fort Deep Ice.

The event

Penguins had mixed feelings about Freezeland joining the USA.The pirates and socialists allied and raided the Key Fort of Deep Ice.All The Penguin Republican Army Generals got from the transmission sent was "HELP!!PIRATE CANNONS!KNOCKING DOWN THE WALL!IN SOCIALIST UNIF-".Triskelle was informed quickly and is trying to contact Pen Pen Guin to tell the council.But Pen Pen guin was busy eating paper so he didnt get the message.The PSF has convinced many members of the United Alliance of Freezeland Citizens to aid them forcefully.All roads were cloased down and all communication shut off.Cannon fire is heard at night in the mighty tundras of snowbourne.The PSF and UTTP had almost won.But a cease fire was made and the government is tricky.They outlawed both the PSF and UTTP.Then on November 13,the Penguin Legislative Interaction Corps was founded to let the people voice their opinions and keeps the constitutional monarchy alive and well.


Unknown Amount of casualties

Pirates and Socialist alliance(abolished later)

Destruction of Deep Ice

Penguin Legislative Interaction Corps-Keeps the constitutional monarchy and demecory running

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