The Thrilling Trio
Vital statistics
Name The Thrilling Trio
Type Heroes, Good Guys
Location At training places.
Head Flywish
Job To save the world from villains
Members Flywish
HQ Flywish's Base

The Thrilling Trio is a group of three good penguins from Flywish's Army. The main members are:

  • Flywish - He is the hero who stops at nothing to destroy a villain. He is also the richest penguin in the group. He owns many stuff like a mansion.
  • Corai - He is Flywish's Assistant in Flywish's Army. He also rules Chi Con.
  • 12yz12ab - The most intelligent in the group. He helps Flywish with is fighting. He has also invented many things.

Honorary Members


  • WishFlyX - He is very evil and is in the Treacherous Trio. He recently got sent to jail.
  • Treacherous Trio
  • Darktan's Army
  • Xorai - For being evil, an enemy of all the members, and owning Radal
  • Evil Pengy - He is a prisoner of Flywish who busted out. He once sahved Corai bald, Banned Flywish, Ate Flywish's Poritos e.t.c

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