The Scoodlepeep Goblins are a race of extraterrestrial/Extra-dimensional aliens from another planet/galaxy. They were first sighted in January 1, 2010.

The Scoodlepeep Goblins

​The Sighting/Incident

The original sighting was actually hidden from the public but the story can be found on any internet website like google and PengTube. The story goes that a school of Chicks with their teacher went camping with four camping teachers along when they first got their. At the first night they started hearing noises when they were having diner. Taylor, The teacher of the class, When to check outside and saw a UFO/Flying Saucer. He soon tried to told the group, But all the chicks and grownups did not believe him, But only one chick was scared. Soon as they sang to a song, to go to sleep, They heard noises from outside and started to see shapes and heads. Soon one of the rangers grabbed a sniper and soon went to investigate with some of them, stopping at the doorstep, Until they heard noises. then small noises. Then he saw a small goblin-like creature and hopped into the way with the other chicks scared. Then he saw one up on a tree. Then he shouted but then it pounced screaming high-pitched noises and bit his head and scared all the chicks and some even started crying. But luckily, That penguin survived the bite to his head, But then they saw five of them on the roof, three on a tree, four on a big bush and three in front of them, And soon as the penguin dropped his sniper, All the goblins started attacking them and all the chicks started crying while all the grownups were outside and one inside, But soon they all survived, And all comforted and hugged the little chicks and closed the window but their heads were still at the window. Soon the next day, They were gone, And when they went outside and packed their belongings, The UFO was flying and went right behind the mountain and flew into the sky. This isn't the only first sighting. Afterwards, More sightings occurred until they ended in 2014. They say they will comeback but with more of them.

The Scoodlepeep Goblins 2

The white penguin is one of the grown ups.

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