The Mysterious Curator (real name unknown)
The Mysterious Currator
I wonder what he's drinking... yellow snow, perhaps?
Vital statistics
Title Curator
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction He has never said a word to anyone
Health Unknown
Level Unknown
Status Looking longingly at the yellow snow in the museum.
Location The Liquidfence Database Museum
Occupation Museum curator
Interests Unknown
Friends Zooman
Enemies None
Archetype Unknown

The Mysterious Curator is a mysterious penguin which lives inside the Liquidfence Database Musuem. He is very suspicious too...


One day in the museum a penguin was following a tour guide when he suddenly saw a shadow run into the shadows.

He forgot about it until he saw it again, staring at him nervously, before again running away.

The tourist called the police, and when they arrived, he was nowhere to be seen!

Everyone looked and looked and looked and everyone left without seeing anything.

However, when they got back home another penguin called, who claimed that she had seen a penguin hiding just outside the building and thinking that he was one of those hobos from Waffleland, she kicked him out from behind the garbage can and made him spill his yellowish drink.

Sadly, no further investigations were made that day, and the fellow remains a mystery to this day.


The Mysterious Curator is a dark black penguin who always wears a long brown overcoat and a blue baseball cap that covers his eyes with it's brim.

Often is seen carrying a slush container with the words "Zooman" on it.


The Mysterious Curator is a very shy and secretive penguin who likes to hide in dark corners and follow strange crabs that leave yellow trails in the snow. He is thought by most to be a coward, as he runs into the shadows whenever someone gets close, but to be a he has been proved to be an ace fighter, as seen in The Mystery of Pen Chi when defeating Jock in a Sword Battle.


He hides inside the musuem, and some penguins said he was inside for something.

Even if that's true, nobody knows what he is looking for.

He has been seen trying to get at the yellow snow and is sometimes seen slurping a strange yellow slush that smells revolting.

His "Slush"

Whenever he is asked what flavor his slush is, he always replies, "healing magic from the zoo".

However, no such flavor exists.

Sometimes when he spills his slush, if a penguin is quick enough, he can see that it is yellow before The Mysterious Curator picks it back up with a scowl.


  • Some people think that the Curator looks a little too much like Pen Chi.
  • In WHERE?!?, the new movie and, every 02:00 mins, he will appear for 00:02 seconds.
  • He has been seen slurping up a yellowish slushy substance that looks rather like yellow snow.
  • Yzabtech, that crazy penguin, thinks he IS Pen Chi.

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