the master of puffles was once a penguin himself.

he was once the brother of G himself. they had always gotten along, untill they were young adults. thats when he had accidentally created puffles. G, annoyed, said that he should go independant before something like that. over the years, he made all the first puffle subspecies. they cross-bred and some became fully sentiant, comparable to penguins. the master of puffles, or Gervasi, (g2), had keep on working. eventully he fused himself with puffle dna, becoming a puffguins. he then saw he could talk directly to all puffles, and had slight suggestion over them. but they still had their free will and only tried to help him in his goal if they wanted to. his currant goal is to turn all penguins into puffguins. only ones who wanted to do so have changed, however.

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