The Ice Boxes
Vital statistics
Title Band
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Band
Health Rocking!
Level 25
Status Platinum
Location On Tour

The Ice Boxes are a very popular band in the Western USA.


The Ice Boxes were founded in 2004.They were hired by the penguins settling penguin island to produce the islands music for them.But, Club penguin wouldn't pay them, so they quit and started their own band.


The Ice Boxes are a fairly popular band in Club Penguin, and extremely popular throughout the western USA.


The Ice Boxes has four members.

  • Al X-The leader of the band, plays Guitar, lead singer
  • Jack O- Not really a Jacko, but thought it was a catchy name,Drums
  • No A(Pronounced like Noah)-Piano, sometimes guitar
  • E N (Pronounced Ian)-Backup singer, bass


  • Freezy Breezy
    • Songs-Ice Ice Chicky, Stuntin' it in my snowsuit, I make it snow, Back in blue, The Snowbourne Rangers (Rock Version), And many more!

Ultimate Penguin Band

The Ice Boxes make a cameo in Ultimate Penguin Band. The Player must challenge them to "Our Time Now". If Beat, the Ice Boxes sing "I Wanna Be Famous".


  • Their Album "Freezy Breezy" went platinum.

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