The Fat Weed Duo
Vital statistics
Title Johnson and Craig
Gender Male
Race Normal Penguin, Gentoo Penguin
Faction First one wears red hat, second one wears green hat
Health Obviously fine
Level 15, 20 respecively
Status Alive, Travelling
Location Snowville, Eastshild

Johnson Lee and Craig Green(15 January 1985- and 27 August 1986-), or commonly reffered to as the Fat Weed Duo, is another pair of inseperable friends which are currently doing research on the unknown substance of the Fat Weed. They are currently at Snowville, taking a long, winter-spring break before The Fat Weed Expedition of 2009 begins.


Johnson Lee was born in Penguville on 15 January 1985. He has an older brother, Errand Lee and a younger sister, Jamie Lee. A year and a half later, Craig Green was born in Club Penguin City on 27 August 1986. He has an older sister named Pengs Greenery222, which had been a financial consultant to Diana112 in the years ahead.

In 1993, at the age of 8, they met in an elemantary school and became the best of friends. The year later, they started to investigate Doom Weeds, and became famous!



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