The Duo Shirt
The Model
Vital statistics
Type T-Shirt
Effects It gives you a sense of friendship.
Source Made from fine leather taken from animals.
Location Made in MAI, sold everywhere.
Cost to buy 2000 Pebbles (same worth as coins)
Cost to sell

The Duo Shirt is an exclusive shirt made designed by Jolene Tan at DesigningInt'l and sold everywhere around Antarctica and southern Adelideland. It is sold for 2000 pebbles and in total profited so far 5% of the company's profits.


The company wanted a new shirt which could suit couples. Jolene Tan, the CEO and Chairman annouced that she will take on the project. After the original concept failed because of the boringness, the project was handed to fellow designer Vensil Monkrata. The second concept, quite dull, was cancelled and Jolene Tan was re-handed the project. Eventaully, she thought of new ideas and combined it together to form a new and exclusive shirt.

Vensil's design is now used as The Heart Shirt, part of the minorities. Other concepts similar to this one where used as varaints.


The Duo Shirt has a black colour, with a male penguin and a female penguin, as teenagers, holding flippers and walking on a beach. It is a black and white shirt. The words "My true love..." could be found on the northeast side of the picture. At the back, the couple is seen lying on the sand under the moon.

Original Concept by Jolene Tan

Jolene Tan intended a male and female penguin, both whom look like Linus' mascot, holding flippers with the same script. It was thrown away due to "lack of beauty".

Concept by Vensil Monkrata

Vensil Monkrata, a fellow designer at DesigningInt'l, made her own design. She placed a purple heart with beads bordering the internal heart over a blue background. It was cancelled due to "simpleness" and "unprofitability".


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