The Dance is a popular dance used all over the UnitedTerra & USA, and there are only 5 masters in existence.


The Dance was started way back then when a famous penguin wanted to dance. He went to the Night Club and danced. A penguin took a video and posted it on PengTube. The Dance first swept to the UnitedTerra, where it was populated and was then carried on to the USA onto their dancing shoes. Soon all the Night Clubs were full with penguins dancing something like The Dance like their was no tomorrow. When Puffles came out, they did their own dance of The Dance, though anyone except the 5 masters can't do The Dance properly, but there are many that are very, very close to perfecting it.

Many try doing their own version of The Dance, but can't succeed the original dance. The Dance was almost wiped out by "Break-Dancing", a new dance craze started by Cadence, a local DJ in Club Penguin, but failed, and is the next-known & popular dance after The Dance.


The Dance



  • The Dance is also called The Action Dance.
  • You can dance with a girl and create a slow dance of The Dance.
  • The Dance is EXTREMELY hard and there are only five masters.

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