The Bounders
The Bounders image
A bounder, in uniform
Vital statistics
Title Defenders of Snowbourne, Also called the Snowbourne Rangers
Gender All Male
Race Penguin
Faction Snowbourne, Freezeland
Health Depends on the Penguin
Level 25
Status Currently on patrol, defending Snowbourne from Darktan's forces
Location Snowbourne

The Bounders are the primary defense force of Snowbourne.


The Bounders were formed after The Very Cold War. They were formerly the Alliance-Side "Snowbourne Rangers", but renamed after Mally died.


The Bounders defend Snowbourne, and are well known for their bow-and icicle arrows, their pinpoint accuracy, and their feathery hats. They keep peace in Snowbourne, and sometimes serve in Freezeland's navy. They are currently on guard because of Darktan


  • They were formerly called "The Snowbourne Rangers"
  • Their partners, who serve as a police force, are The Shirrifs

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