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Team Corvus
Each one only has one emotion, trait, or behavior.
Vital statistics
Name Team Corvus
Type Collective Super Penguin group
Location Varies
Head None (leads to squabbling between certain members)
Job Superheroines
Members Corvus, Corvus, Corvus, Corvus.....
HQ The Defenders

Team Corvus is a collective group of female Super Penguins whose members can only show one emotion, trait or behavior. Each member of the group look almost identical, with the only differing traits being their accessories, clothes, and robe colors. These vary by the emotion they exhibit. Remember, all Corvusses are female.

Team Corvus is a subsidiary of The Defenders.


Initially, there was only one Corvus. She wore a purple hooded cloak (oddly the same color as Headmaster Champignion's), had pale gray feathers, and donned purple hair. Though her hair was real, it was never determined whether her natural color was purple. The original Corvus was famous for not exhibiting emotions whatsoever, even more extreme than a regular Gothguin, which is saying something.

She had issues with herself and her powers, however, and invented a magical mirror that she could stare into for a relaxing effect. This worked and made her much happier, but that ended when a Prepguin ridiculed her to the point of losing it. In a fit of rage, Corvus blasted all she had at the Prepguin, who dodged it. The Prepguin happened to be mocking her while she was looking into her mirror, which proved disastorous. The blast richocheted through unknown means and hit her, knocking Corvus into her mirror, breaking it. Corvus fell to the ground, and the magic mirror had broken.

The effect of her anger, the blast, and the mirror triggered a series of events that split the singular Corvus into multiple Corvusses, each carrying one distinct personality, trait, or behavior. These Corvusses were a third as short as the original, though, other than what they were wearing, looked identical to one-another. They quickly realized they were all originally one creature, but were now split. Since they didn't have any friends, the Corvusses befriended themselves, and decided to continue their source's goals of heroism and defeating villains (and Prepguins).


All of the Corvusses possessed powers that could be considered similar to those exhibited by Vesper and Shadow Guy. They can move items by focusing on them hard enough, which would surround them in a black soap bubble. Once ensnared, a Corvus could fling them at villains, make them float, operate them, etc. The Corvesses also shoot black-colored beams from their flippers, and have the ability of flight. It is unknown if these powers are of darkness (like Vesper), or if they are based on darkness (like Xorai). Others argue that her powers are based on shadow, though in tests, not one Corvus was able to do anything with her or other creatures' shadows.

They also uses magic and COC-abiding spells (like a High Penguin).

  • What each Corvus does with these powers vary by their one trait, behavior, or emotion. For example, Timid Corvus would be too shy and quiet to attack, while Mad Corvus would continously blast anyone for any reason that angered her. Spastic Corvus would go crazy with such abilities (like giving Explorer the powers), while Greedy Corvus would probably get distracted from being a good guy and be obbsessed with jewelry and money. Due to their collective issue, the Corvusses can not use the full scope of their powers, as none of them have the emotional complexity to do so, severely limiting the individual Corvusses' abilities. The Corvusses are most effective in groups. The more Corvusses working together, the better.

Known Corvusses

Corvus Cloak Description Other features
Happy Pink As the emotion suggests, Happy Corvus is always bright and cheery. She playful and outgoing. Recognizable by the "TODAY IS A GREAT DAY" pin on her robe and her warm grin.
Sad Dark blue Sad Corvus is constantly crying and tends to bring down others nearby. She tends to ask "What's the point?" and always feels that the team is going to lose. Recognizable by the consistant crying, the damp, tear-filled feathers, and the box of tissues she usually has floating nearby.
Angry Bright red Angry Corvus is mad at everything and everyone. A mere greeting will result in a flurry of puncuation marks, another confrontatioin often results in getting fried by a beam of dark energy. No third party has gotten close enough to Angry Corvus to give any distinguishing features. She is also called Rage Corvus.
Greedy Dark green with light green currency symbols Greedy Corvus continously talks about money. She talks about seeing money, types of money, touching money, etc.
She is a penny-pincher and maintains the team's budget. Greedy Corvus refuses to spend anything more than she has to, and the others often sneak out to make purchases when she is not looking.
Greedy Corvus usually has a clipboard floating nearby, a pencil on the side of her head (like Aunt Arctic), and she always wears accountant-looking pince-nez glasses.
Timid Pale gray Timid Corvus is extremely shy, very bashful, and talks in a low, quiet voice. She tends to apologize for anything she does and walks with a negative movement, always looking at the floor. Timid Corvus tends to obey the others, and never objects or stands up for herself. If someone yells at her, she normally hids herself in her own cloak. Her cloak is about the same color as her feathers. Timid Corvus is often seen levitating or carrying other Corvesses' items.
Impaitient Grey with white polka dots Impaitient Corvus simply can not sit still. She is always fidgiting and rocking back and forth, and can never wait for anything. Impaitient Corvus has been known to ruin sneak attacks by screaming things like "WHEN ARE WE GOING TO FIGHT?!". When travelling, Impaitient Corvus always asks the old "Are we there yet?" question. Impaitient Corvus is recognizable by her fidgiting and other means of not keeping still.
Paranoid Coated in tin foil Paranoid Corvus puts Foldy to shame. She endlessly worries about satillites and UFOs and otherworldly beings. If asked a question, her normal first response is "DID THE GOVERNMENT MAKE YOU ASK THAT?!". Paranoid Corvus always wears her hood up, and if one was to pull it down, she would scream and lecture the prankster about mind beams and government sattilites and such. When she moves around, Paranoid Corvus makes a lot of bending and crackling sounds due to her cloak being coated in tinfoil. Paranoid Corvus carries a gray staff wrapped in tinfoil. This item is used to ward off mind-control beams, but can amplify her powers if she uses them.
Diplomatic White with royal blue trim Diplomatic Corvus is a loud orator. She passionately speaks about what is on her mind and tries to make peace and meet in the middle with anyone she meets, especially the Team's enemies. She always goes out to meet them and try to establish compromises and treaties. Due to this, Diplomatic Corvus is normally alone, flying off to villains' lairs and trying to get them to make peace. She never uses any power other than flying, and tends to get kidnapped. Diplomatic Corvus wears a sash over her cloak and carries a podium in her playing card.
Spastic Lime green See Freaker Explorer Spastic Corvus tends to be all swirly-eyed and loud; again, see Freaker Explorer.
Sick Resembles a hospital gown, but with a hood Poor Sick Corvus always has a harsh illness that varies every few weeks. She is incapable of spreading her diseases because they are a part of her, but they give her poor control of her powers. For example, when Sick Corvus sneezes, she shoots a beam at anything in front of her. When she coughs, items topple over, just to name a few. Sick Corvus carries an IV pole, which is attached to her, and normally floating to avoid damage. Removing this pole from her results in a large explosion from Sick Corvus.
Fourth Wall Solid white Fourth Wall Corvus does exactly what her name implies. She can fully break the Fourth Wall, hear the narrators, talk to the audience... she can do it all, just like Explorer. She personally hates Director Benny and thinks Mayor McFlapp is a snob with a stupid accent. However, as she is a trait and not a behavior, Fourth Wall Corvus is indifferent, neutral and non-caring. She speaks with a flat, monotone voice. Fourth Wall Corvus wears thick glasses, usually has a book floating nearby, and carries a yellow staff with the number four on top.
Nooby Blue, white, and yellow Nooby Corvus is an immature, stupid penguin who begs other penguins for free stuff and tries to act all tough and smart. She's not. Nooby speaks in 1337
Gothic Gothic Corvus is a gothic character who likes to act goth. Gothic Corvus possesses a similar behavior to Fourth Wall Corvus, but more extreme and far more disrespectful. Black with dark gray trim.
Meanie Meanie Corvus is very rude and likes to make fun of people. She's rainbow Meanie Corvus tells bad things about everyone to anyone, and pulls pranks and insults everyone.
Attractive Pink. Her cloak resembles a dress, but with a hood. Attractive Corvus is the prettiest of them all, and has dated over NINE THOUSAND men.Male penguins tend to drool, stare, faint, and ask her out when she passes by. When fighting handsome male penguins, she serves as a distraction, and once has fallen in love with a villain. She is not one of those attractive jerks, but is actually nice, and lends advice to other Corvuses when her sisters are dating someone. She is currently dating Shadow Guy She glows.
Fat Black, with the Fat symbol on it. Wears a McDoodle's hat, and always carries burgers with her. She fights with Attractive Corvus when she gives her dating advice. Always had grease around her mouth.

Relationship with the Defenders

Team Corvus was shockingly admitted into the Defenders, and they ensure the others that there is never a boring day. Different Defenders prefer different Corvusses, but Slanta Furious partners them randomly, creating endless Lulz.

  • Iron Walrus Walrus prefers Timid Corvus, because he makes her carry his stuff.
  • Titan Turtle likes Happy Corvus, she brightens him up all the time.
  • Detective Focci takes Sad Coruvs with him all the time, because they see eye to eye. Kind of.
  • Shadow Guy has been dating Attractive Corvus since before she joined the Defenders. When asked why he says, "She's not one of those attractive jerks. She's actually nice and caring, and always there when I need a shoulder to cry on."

Relationship with Commoners

When not in duty, Corvusses wonder either in groups or alone, sparking wonderment, frustration, confusion, and even fear among others.

  • Explorer met Fourth Wall Corvus once, she constantly argued that he had nothing to do with the "Teen Titans" show.
  • Foldy once met Paranoid Corvus, they were perfect for one-another.
  • Bill Gate$ once hired Greedy Corvus, but fired her when he found out she was taking money.


  • Team Corvus are collective parodies the character "Raven" from the "Teen Titans" show, and an episode of said show where the protagonists enter said parodee's mind and see various personality aspects.
  • There are many other Corvusses out of there, though they are unlisted.
  • Explorer doesn't like Fourth Wall Corvus, and neither does Shroomsky.
  • Corvus is the genus that encompasses all crows, and the name of all the group's members.
  • The Corvesses do not only cover emotions! There are also Corvesses representing traits, behaviors, conditions, actions, ect., things of psychologic nature.

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