Tabloid's Book of Penguin Records
The 2009 Edition of Tabloid's Book of Penguin World Records.
Vital statistics
Type Reading material (Paperback, book)
Effects Gives the reader more knowledge on special figures in the world.
Source Paperback.
Location Found in all bookstores in Antarctica.
Cost to buy 100 USP
Cost to sell Depends; usually 110 pebbles for re-sells.

Tabloid's Book of Penguin Records is a series of books dedicated to astonishing records set by various creatures in Antarctica. Published and created by Tabloid, the series is split up into three types of record books:

  • Tabloid's Book of Penguin Continental Records
  • Tabloid's Book of Penguin International Records
  • Tabloid's Book of Penguin Universal Records

These books have different editions released each year on various dates. There are also some editions, such as Tabloid's Book of Penguin Gaming Records and Tabloid's Book of Penguins' Media Records. It is sold at a retail price of 100 pebbles or 5,000 coins. These books are available continental-wide.

The latest edition is the 2009 edition. The 2010 edition is being written and published.


In 2006, a group of penguins, currently in the executive committee of Tabloid, decided to start a records book. They thus started the Penguin World Records, which consisted of several records penguins and creatures alike had set. However, the book was not popular and was not successful.

This did not deter the group's determination to have a record book for Antarctica. In 2007, they released Penguin World Records 2007, the second book in the series. The book received much controversy for its unfair share of types of records. Still determined, they published the third edition in 2008 as Penguin World Records III, also gaining much criticism.

In early 2009, Penguin World Records was renamed Antarctica's PWNsome Records. A re-printed edition of the original book was re-released in early 2009, with the same layout, but records updated. It also received much criticism, to no avail. At the same time, Tabloid was founded as they also had a vision to have a records book. Their idea started out as early as 2006. They eventually merged with the group that created the Penguin World Records book and a newer 2009 edition came out. This one earned much profit, and prompted the committee to publish a 2010 edition. They split up the whole record book into three types for convenience.


There are three types of record books, as stated above.

  • Tabloid's Book of Penguin Continental Records is the affordable type that only costs around 5000 coins, containing the records that are needed to be known.
  • Tabloid's Book of Penguin International Records offers more variety than the first and costs around 10,000 coins, containing the records that are needed to be known but in greater variety.
  • Tabloid's Book of Penguin Universal Records is the ultimate book containing every single record set by anything. It costs a whooping 20,000 coins and contains every single record every known to penguin kind.

More details are stated below.


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