Str00del Flag ANIMATED

Official flag of the St00del Force.

The Str00del Force is a group of evil people. They usually vandalize the Clubb Phengin Weekee. Their leader is Captain Str00del.

During the last few months, they have been raiding people's refrigerators and the penguin get bitten by a robotic chihuahaua.

They are also part of the Capture Darktan programme.



Other members

Areas of the Force's vandalism.
Str app
Str00del Force's major appearance areas. Other states seem probably inattractive, or scary to the force.

Honourary Members

Annexation and Defecting to Good?

  • Rumors say that the Force is slowly defecting to the side of good, or specifically, the side of mere spamming.
  • They once started a country called Waffleland that was dedicated to Mister Bean but they all left except for him when they found out that he did not put syrup on his pancakes.

Str00del Theme

File:CPMV Do You Like Waffles

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