States of Club Penguin Colonies

The States of Club Penguin Colonies is a group of local Penguin planning to Colonise other lands. Its made up of Pioneers(Troops and Explorers,Govermant Officials and willing Penguins. It was found in the Island of Adventure.Its HQ is located in the Nouth of the island.Its govermant is a Council of High Officials and Lead Pioneers Parliment.High Officials rule new states founded by creating a Colony. Pioneers are also defend Club Penguin from the ACP.

Currant States

Pioneers HQ of Colonys (Made up off Island of Adventure)

Peoples Colony of Southern Zeta Colonies(Islands of New Port and Zeta Controled South African Sectors)

Council/Parliment Leaders


Ctp Louis (Lead Pioneer)

Govermant of Colonys

Being voted please wait (Council Leader)

Island of Adventure rooms

HQ of Pioneering

Peoples Pioneering Guild

Academy of Pioneering

Academy of Conlonising

Univercity of Decicion

Bunny Roads


(From Island of Adventure) Penguins Penguin Pioneers Penguin Conloists Local Whales Crabs Silver Fish Dark Blue Puffle

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