Star University is a school that Flystar built for penguins to surpass even the level of Penguin University. Flystar built the school as a attachment to his palace. You have to graduate Penguin University in order to come here (with some exceptions, like Flystar, because he graduated Star University without even GOING to Penguin University, because he is the founder)


This is a list of the students that went or are going to Star University.

Current Students


Expelled or Quit

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Teacher: Fred 676

This class teaches about advanced levels of math, like Trigonometry, Calculus, and advanced Algebra. To graduate from this subject, you need to pass a written test.


Teacher: Explorer 767

This class teaches about advanced levels of science, like advanced Biology (mainly), advanced Astronomy, and advanced Physics. To graduate from this subject, you must pass a written test for Biology and Physics, and find the constellation Hercules's belt.


Teacher: Journal

This class teaches about writing novels, poems, and other things that have to do with writing. To graduate from this subject, you must write a novel that sells over 1,000 copies.


Teacher: Troublesome Trio Honorary Members (besides Flystar)

This class teaches about all the pranks invented, including pranks that the teachers invented. To graduate from this subject, you have to give Mabel, 24Keyser, Beasty, and Coaly a terrible day.

Add more classes! You cannot have your character as the teacher, but you can have another character you created a teacher. Otherwise, just add Robot 1, Robot 2 etc.


The team is, much wierdly enough, the Star Stars. The colors are Gold and Silver. Like city universities, it does all sports.


  • Flystar founded the school 2 days after he built his palace.
  • The school has an anthem, and everyone has to sing after the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. I pledge allegiance, to the flag, after I throw pies at a certain purple puffle...

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