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South Pole Council
Headquarters South Pole Capitol,Booklin, South Pole City, Polar District
Languages English
Membership 40 States and Free Republics
- leader Judge Xaiver
- members 37 delegates, 3 vacant (See Seating Map, Red-Free Republic, Blue-State Green-Other)
Establishment 1999
- early times 1999-2001
- official start 1999

The South Pole Grand Krytocric Legislative Council, or just the South Pole Council, was (not is) the presiding legislative government of South Pole City and the United States of Antarctica. The executive branch was controlled by the President Billybob. The judiciary was maintained by the far-off GourdZoid Council Hall, located in Trans-Antarctica.


South Pole City was originally administrated by a group of penguins called "the Club", from its founding in 1997 to around 2002 or so. After "the Club" left to establish the port city of Club Penguin, they left Judge Xavier as the leader of a dictatorship which exists over the city to this day. Surprisingly, Xavier never went power crazy and continues to remain a great leader. Then, in mid-2010, just into the Wikia Scandal where many members of the council were caught working against the BOF and the Holy Wikia, it was dissolved, pending CNIC investigation. Elections are being held.


The Council rarely holds any kind of comittee, debate, or voting session (the town practically runs itself), so Xavier mostly waddles around in circles and petting his miniature chair (don't ask). To make matters more wacky and complicated, the South Pole Council competes against the GourdZoid Council in a rather rough game of Paintball every weekend. Even weirder, they face off against skuas every Wednesday, in a game of Laser Tag.


The current presiding Speaker of the Council is Judge Xaiver.


State/Free Republic Represented Delegate Deputy Delegate(s) Term Started
Nothing N/A N/A 2009-2010
Sub-Antarctic Explorer 767 Mabel 2009-present
Ross Island Carl Arnott N/A 2009-present
Club Penguin City N/A ≠ N/A 2009-July 15,2010†
Antarctic Peninsula Henry Shipper N/A 2009-present
EmotiVille Governor Ponderer #1137 N/A 2009-present
Trans-Antarctica Bob McGoo N/A 2009-present
Pingko Bow Tie Tom N/A 2009-present
Aquarius N/A≠ N/A New position
GourdZoid Jacko #1558 N/A 2009-present
Eastshield Judge Xaiver N/A 2008-present
Polaris Jacob Monte Captio Sancho Monte Captio 2009-present
Gemini Timothy Klinkstin Jerry Klinkstin 2009-present
Mcdonalds City Susie Derkins Jon Arbuckle 2011-present
Ternville Alclair Featheringsol McFlappingham II N/A 2009-present
West Pengolia Penghis Khan N/A 2009-present
East Pengolia Bolsheevic Penguinsky N/A 2009-present
The Happyface State Happyface141 N/A 2009-present
Weddell Kwiksilver N/A 2009-present
New North Etana Idoreconise N/A 2009-present
Turtle Atoll Melvin Turtleheimer N/A 2009-present
Yzabtech Island 12yz12ab N/A 2009-present
Yzabia Yzabtech N/A 2009-present

Note: ≠-Denotes Elections are taking place

†-Denotes resignation or a death while in office

Italics represent places that are not states but are still important.

Free Republics

State/Free Republic Represented Delegate Deputy Delegate(s) Term Started
Dorkugal Fred 676 N/A 2009-present
FreezelandN/A Sarah Star 2010-present
Auzua Mostafique Bezul Mostafique N/A 2009-present
Flystonia Flystar55555 N/A 2009-present
Clearwater Island Eve Lendfell N/A 2009-present
Warmslates Ambassador Caniceptus N/A 2009-present
Angel Island Tails6000 N/A 2009-present
Maps Island Marion N/A 2009-present
United Penguin's Republic Shadow N/A 2009-present
Geek Empire Spartaciss N/A 2009-present
Waffleland Fudd Lapooh N/A 2010-present
Centriepitsula Cardinal Carl N/A 2009-present
United Kingdom of Antartica King of cp a Puffle 2010-present
Snowzerland Swiss Ninja Hochstadt Austin8310/Swiss Ninja 2010-present
Viking Empire Jock Hochstadt N/A 2009-present
HunEmpire Ben Hun N/A 2009-present
Ed Island EDFan12345 9Gigi9Fan 2009-present
Finestade Land Akbaboy N/A 2010-present

① The Monarchy of Freezeland was conquered into Snowzerland and renamed New Freezeland, whilst MAI Freezeland also exists in place of the original Freezeland. Under the name 'Disputed Territory of Freezeland' for current time being.


  • Uncharted States-- Barkjon. Having explored lands like 90-150 Island, he takes charge of these. He gets in fights with everyone because he put tacks on their chair or frogs on their tables.

Delegate Gallery


  • New states of the USA: The council debated for a very long time to decide what states to include in the USA. They now have decided to exclude any new land-based states that come forth as of 11/04/08, with the exceptions of water-based territories (like Weddell) or existing free republics that wish to gain the rank of stateship. New free republics are also allowed.
  • Mabel: The council has debated over whether they should ban/expell Mabel from the USA, due to her antics. They decided not to, but have assigned "Prank Mabel Days" devoted entirely to annoying, mocking, aggravating, and pulling pranks on Mabel. Happyface141 is still debating and wants her to be banned from the world. Mabel is a serious issue though as she drove former Weddell delegate Hot Pocket84 criminaly insane.
  • ACP is an evil army people want gone. The council has officially declared the army Plain BAD and ordered them to dissolve. Alas, the army has just continued to terrorize the countryside, with the council countering by frequently banning the leaders.

  • The Troublesome Trio is hilarious but evil. Seeing as all three of them were in the Council, Judge Xavier let the Trio be and denied any cases that came in after.
  • Link: Link is a very mysterious penguin. They sent a search warrant out, and the current project to capture him is Project Link.
  • Happyface141 has mysteriously been blocked. The South Pole Council and ALL penguins are trying to find a way to un-block him.
  • Doble Islands want to succede from Weddell and form their own state. Penguins opposed to them say that the sea must remain one state. Hot Pocket84 has spent a long time debating this issue.
  • The Hobo Next Door: Outside of the Capitol front gate is a poor, homeless penguin. At the end of every meeting/session, the council has a 5-minute debbate over whether they should give food and money to the penguin. Mabel is the prime debater on the side of not feeding the penguin, mostly because if she loses her case, she has to personally shop for the food.



Ford Car at his desk telling the same ol' joke.

  • Ford Car is always telling the same joke! Other members tried to kick him out of the council various times.
  • Xavier has numerous phycological flaws. He has a nasty habit of screaming at mirrors, spinning in circles, and attempting to eat his gavel. His right eye has Amblyopia, and for some reason he has a pointy tooth he never bothered to remove.
    • Xavier named his miniature chair "Jonesworth".
    • Despite being a freak, Xavier somehow manges to preside over the town (when something happens) with a fair, steady flipper. It's really odd because of his quirks.
    • Judge Xavier tends to bang his gavel for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Sometimes, he does it at home, and even in his sleep. He always follows with "ORDUH!! OORRRRRRDUHH!"
    • Judge Xavier sleeps with Jonesworth on one side of the bed, and his gavel in his flippers. Sometimes, he sucks on it (like a chick sucks their flipper).
    • Judge Xavier has never been seen without his judicial robes. In fact, no one completelty knows what he looks like because of it.
  • The council is always in a bad mood when Mabel substitutes for Explorer 767, mostly because she always argues and is very picky. Judge Xavier has frequently attempted to shave Mabel bald, and Penghis Khan has attempted to slap her with a fish. The Great Snailzini from Snellville usually is the peace-keeper between the penguins and the puffle.
  • Explorer 767, Barkjon, and Happyface141 are the most mischevious penguins on the council. Their antics range from throwing ice cream at 24Keyser, playing loud and interruptive chords on their electric guitars (especially when Mabel is talking), and setting off firecrackers underneath the council table.
  • Every 2nd Friday in October is special to the council. This day, known as D-Day to the council members, is the day when the "Annual Demolition of the South Pole Council Table" occurs. Explorer 767, Barkjon, and Happyface141 set firecrackers under the table. BOOM! You know what happens next.
  • The South Pole Council is rivaled against the GourdZoid Council, and plays Paintball with them every weekend.
  • Tails6000 is known to get up and set the tables at the crack of dawn. He also gives everyone a free waffle.
  • Swiss Ninja finds it boring and sleeps through the whole thing.
  • Flystar has been known to have destroyed the main council building while in his Star Beast form with Evilface. He told the council, "Sorry, I can't channel my evilness when in Star Beast form. I have enough money to make it even BETTER than it was before!" He recieved his council seat by doing this. But sadly, Evilface didn't get a council seat, even though the work on the council was 50-50. Flystar is currently figuring out a way to make Evilface a council member as a city in Flystarland.
  • The only City to not have the mayor in the South Pole Council is Mcdonalds City
  • Barry of The Fat Planet is trying to get in but most of the council don't want him for 2 reasons 1.Different Planet. 2.He would'nt fit in the door.

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