Illustration of a Generation II Snowvestator.

Snowvestator is a name given by the second president of Ross Island, Jack McFurry on hovercrafts used by the Ross Island inhabitants for transportation.


These snowvestators are part of the "Ross Island Improvements Project", where, these hovercrafts were used by the Ross Island inhabitants for transportation for land and sea. Unlike the Cyber-Technology of the United States of Antarctica, snowvestator does not produce CRUD-toxins (see here), instead it has a fan and a rudder behind it. Because of this, many Ross Island inhabitants protested about why the transportation on Ross Island is not as luxurious as the USA's after that, Jack McFurry made a speech about the transportation of Ross Island. Jack's speech contains one of the many memorable quotes mainly the Snowvestator is better than teleporting or anything. At least this vehicle can ride both land and sea.

Appearance and features

Snowvestators appear to be a four-seater sleek vehicle, which able to move on land and water and glide for a short period of time.

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