The main menu features applications called "channels". These channels are applications that you can play with. These are the following starting channels that are pre-installed in your Snowtendo DX:

  • DX Arcade allows you to play Snowtendo DX games, including the new game: Face Snatchers.
  • DX Arcadeallows you to play Snowtendo 3DS and Snowtendo DS games.
  • WaddleBoy Arcade' allows you to play Snowtendo WaddleBoy games.
  • PengX Channel allows you to create your own penguin call a PengX that can be used in games.
  • DX Papperatzi allows you to create unique pictures and videos.
  • CP Times Daily allows you to view news from the CP Times.
  • DX Computer Playhouse allows you to go on the internet.
  • DX Mall allows you to download old and recent games, movies, and XBooks using Snowtendo Points.
  • DX Contests Plaza allows your PengX to be used in contests.
  • Snowtendo News Daily allows you to view the latest news of Snowtendo.
  • DX TV Lounge allows you to watch TV shows from a selection of 500+ channels.
  • DX Food Court allows food delivery service on your 3DS. Requires your parents' permission and your address.
  • DX Cinema allows you to play movies from your 3DMovie cards or from your downloads.
  • DX Recording Studio allows you to play music and create your own music and sounds.
  • DX Toon Lab allows you to create your own cartoons.
  • DX Connector allows you to connect to your Snowtendo Vii, Snowtendo Vii2, Snowtendo DS, and Snowtendo 3DS.
  • DX Library allows you to view XBooks downloaded.
  • DX Notebook is a notepad to keep notes.
  • CalcDX is a calculator.
  • DX Central is an application which you can chat with other people worldwide. Requires parents' permission.
  • DX Post Office is an online mail service that can be used for sending e-mails and virtual postcards.
  • DX Multiplayer Connector allows you to connect with other penguins' games.
  • DX Game Testing Lab allows you to play DX game demos for up to 30 minutes. Demos can be used again and again.
  • DX Drawing Post Office is where you have to draw notes to send to others.
  • DX Settings is a channel that allows you to change the settings for the Snowtendo DX.
  • Welcome to DX Town! is a channel that teaches you about the Snowtendo DX. This also appears when you play your DX for the first time.


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