Snowball image
A snowball
Vital statistics
Type Thrower
Effects Cold
Source Snow
Location 1-100
Cost to buy Free :)
Cost to sell Nothing :(

A Snowball is a small-sized ball made of snow that has a number of uses, the most common being for use in snowball fights or as a shout-out to a buddy/friend/enemy. The material for a snowball, which is snow, is abundant in Antarctica, and its popularity sparked accessories for throwing snowballs like the Snow Ball Gun or explosive snowball.


Its cold. This item comes from snow. It looks like a white sphere. Snowballs were made by ninjas. They were a very nice way to say hello. People use snowballs for Snow Ball Guns and sometimes explosive snowballs are seen that are used in warfare.


  • It is used for ninja training. If you fail Sensei will throw one at you.
  • Snowballs are used the power the Clock in the Snow Forts.

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