Star Penguins Cover

The cover for Snow Wars. The title was changed at the last minute.

Snow Wars (AKA Star Penguins) is a movie franchise created by an indepenedent movie-making company and published by Sony Antarctic. Created in 2007, this is rated a 5-star production. It is said that the sequal to "The Ghostly Meanie" will be released in 2011.


Episode 1: The Ghostly Meanie

This is the first prequel to the original trilogy. As it starts, young Obi Wan Penobi and his Jedee Master, ?-Gon, a ponderer, are ambassadors to the Commerce Union, a battle-guin making company. Unfortunately, the Union tries to give them overdoses of laughing gas, but they escape. The Union deploys droid ships to the peaceful planet of Shaboo, where they destroy swamps and pollute the waters. The Queen of Shaboo, Queen Gahmidala escapes the Union with the help of the Jedee. Unfortunately, Gahmidala's space cruiser is damaged, and it crash-lands on the sand planet of Snowtooine where they meet Anikin Penguinwalker, a slave Chick. Anikin races in a dangerous race, called a Padrace, and wins the Queen a million coins. They rebuild the space cruiser and return to Shaboo. Meanwhile, the Commerce Union has taken over the planet, and have brought a friend, Darth Mole, an evil lord of the Sift. The Jedee battle Darth Mole, Queen Gahmidala and her officers take back Shaboo and Anikin destroys the Commerce Union control ship, deactivating all the battle-guin. Dark Mole paralyzes ?-Gon, but Obi Wan kicks Mole into a ventilator shaft. ?-Gon can never speak or walk again. Just before ?-Gon loses control of his mouth, he tells Obi Wan to train Anikin, for he is the chosen one.

Episode 2: The Ambush Of The Copies

None is know about the movie except for the fact that is will be a sequel to the first movie and that it will be released in 2011.


This movie is about penguins who fly all over the galaxy, trying to escape the evil Muffinators, the evilest penguins in the galaxy and their leader, Darth Pengar.

  • Luke Penguinwalker
  • Princess Fliea
  • Han Flipo
  • Darth Waddle
  • Obi Wan Penobi
  • The Peneror
  • Chewpenga
  • R3-D4
  • C4-PI3
  • Pen Pen Guin


  • Before the movie was produced, some penguins said that Obi Wan Penobi should be Pen Pen Guin. However, after numerous votes, it became actor Vendique.
  • This is obviously a parody of Star Wars.

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