Everybody's Somebody in Snellville!
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Vital statistics
Type Town
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Location Slightly south of Pengville
Inhabitants RocketSnails

Snellville is a peaceful village inhabited by numerous rocket baring snails. A great place for all to visit, the snails are very hospitable and know quite a lot about their area. If you are willing to listen, the elder of the town (also the mayor) can tell you amazing stories about their past.

Founded on the motto "Everybody's Somebody in Snellville!", the residents are some of the most hospitable creatures in Antarctica.


Snellville was founded in 1997 by the Snellville Elder. An old trading post, this peaceful village has its own library as well as some of the best cream soda in the USA. Despite the freezing Antarctic cold, Snellville is a thriving community filled with gastropods and the occasional tourist. Penguins come here for the peace, quiet, knowledge, and excellent (salt free) cuisine.


As stated, a large library can be found here, as well as dozens of restaurants and the second best cream soda in Antarctica (Gentoo Island ranks first). Penguins can buy novelty items such as yellow and pink striped party hats, as well as t-shirts and snail globes at the Shell Store. It also has an airport, called Snellville City Airport located 2 miles near the city's downtown core.


The primary residents of Snellvile are an odd gastropod creature called a RocketSnail. Since snails are very slow creatures, they invented a high-tech rocket propulsion system that allows them to fly at the speed of a penguin walking.


  • Knowledge
  • Cream Soda

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